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Dear Boxing Community:
It is with very deep regret that I must inform everyone that the Georgia Games will not be holding our Boxing championships this year.

There have been significant and philosophical changes in both GABA (GA Amateur Boxing Association) and in USA Boxing that have prevented the Georgia Games from holding this annual championship.

We have been trying until this week to try and find a way to conduct the sport of boxing for this year but we could not find an avenue that would make it possible.

At this time, we would also like to greatly thank the Davis Family for ALL of their tireless work for the amateur boxers in Georgia and across the country. Your passion for the amateur boxers and the sport will be greatly missed. You were the heart and soul of the Georgia Games Boxing Championships for 26 years. Thank you for everything!

We hope that we can find a way to again offer our boxing championships.


July 15 & 16th, 2017

Fair Oaks Recreation Center
1465 West Booth Road
Marietta, GA 30008

Attention ALL Boxers & Coaches:


Top Level Bout Committee and Tournament Director will ensure a TOP Quality Experience for 2017!

Entry Fee:

$25.00 per athlete
*Out of state residents add $5.00 to entry fee.

Walk Up Entry Fee:
$30.00 per athlete

*Out of state residents add $5.00 to entry fee


Junior Olympic



USA Boxing requires all boxers to get a physical exam every year and be cleared to participate.

Beginning June 1, 2016, all athlete members shall have proof of a current annual sports physical attached to their passbook to be able to compete in USA Boxing sanctioned events. Please refer to the list of disqualifying conditions.  (

On our website is a form that can be used for the yearly physical exam ( however other forms are acceptable:

  • The annual medical exam form previously released by USA Boxing;
  • Annual sports exams approved by states for use in their primary school systems or colleges;
  • Forms required by state boxing commissions (California is an example);

Be sure that whatever form you use, it is completed and signed by a physician (MD or DO), signed by the athlete (and legal guardian if under 18 years old) and it states clearly “cleared for contact sports” or “cleared for all sports.”  Attach a copy of the physical or the “Annual Physical Signature Page” to your passbook (inside, back cover). You may want to keep an additional copy for your records. Per our rules, exams will not be accepted if done by Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Dentists, Chiropractors, EMT’s or other non-physician medical providers.

If you’ve had a physical (as described above) within the last year, place a copy in your passbook and it will be accepted as your annual physical for 2017.

All athletes must be currently registered with USA Boxing (USAB) and have their passbook with them at time of tournament entry. A registration number sticker for the current year MUST be in the passbook when presented to the tournament administration.

Boxers must register with USAB for the current year with the LBC in their state of residence.

Elite (Open) division athletes must have a minimum of 5 scored bouts recorded in their passbooks. Walkover and/or unopposed wins do not count toward the 5 bouts.

The tournament AGE DETERMINATION date is the boxer’s birth date. Each athlete must be the correct age for the division entered.

If not currently a registered member of USAB, it is HIGHLY recommended that registration be completed online at prior to the beginning of the Georgia Games on July 14th at 6:00pm to 10pm. Once registered online, print the receipt as proof of registration and bring that receipt, the membership ID card, a proof of birth or passport to GABA Membership Chair who will make the boxer a passbook with a sticker for 2017.

– Online Registration for USAB is $68.00 (RECOMMENDED)

Be present the day of Saturday July 15th, and presenting the Boxer’s Passbook to tournament administrators.
  • All boxers pre-entered for the tournament MUST present themselves and their passbooks on Saturday July 15th, 2017 to complete the tournament entry process.
  • Boxers who do not present themselves and surrender their passbooks to tournament administrators on Saturday will not box. NO PASSBOOK, NO BOX!
  • *Registration for USA Boxing Passbooks can only be acquired ONLINE.  Two passport sized photos are required to get it receive the physical passbook.  Follow instructions online to get passbook sent to you via mail.  Also can bring paperwork (proof of purchase, membership ID card) along with a proof of birth or US passport to the Georgia Games Boxing Championships on Friday, July 14th at 6pm to 10pm and have the passbook made there.
  • Pairings will be completed after all official weigh ins have been finished. Pairings will be made in accordance with USA Boxing rules.
  • Open/Elite and Novice boxers will be held to the official USAB bracket weight classes.
  • JO’s will be bracketed/matched in accordance with USAB rules. Age, weight and experience will be taken into consideration.