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Fundamental Principle:

To provide a fun, competitive atmosphere where the Olympic Ideals of the founder of the modern day Olympics, Pierre De Coubertin’s,  A Celebration of Life through Sports, is a positive attribute that should be encouraged across all youths, all skill levels, all ethnicities and all geographic areas of the state.
Remember, you do not have to be the best to earn points for your school. You just have to compete!

Is your school the most athletic and physically fitness oriented & spirited? Prove it!

Competition Categories include Eight Divisions: Elementary, Middle and 5 High School Divisions: (A, AA, AAA, AAAA, AAAAA & AAAAAA).

Eligible Participants: Anyone who attends and competes from your school can earn points towards the Olympiad!
Every athlete receives a Sports Festival t-shirt just for competing!
Individuals and teams receive Olympic-Style Gold, Silver or Bronze medals for winning their respective sports, divisions or events. Thousands of medals are up for grabs!

Supported by:

GHSA (Georgia High School Association)
GISA (Georgia Independent School Association)
GACA (Georgia Athletic Coaches Association)
GADA (Georgia Athletic Directors Association)
GDOE (State of Georgia Department of Education)

   How to Register:

1) Athletes and/or teams need to go to and register, or follow the registration instructions on how to register for their desired sports.
2) During this registration process, the individual athletes will be asked for their county, school and grade.
3) For team sports, a parent will register the team, but individual paper forms are still required from each athlete, which will ask the required SSO information.
4) For certain individual sports (TKD, RB, Track, WR, etc.) the Georgia Games uses a third party registration system, but a paper registration form is still required at event check-in on the day of the event.[/alert-announce]

Awards & Recognition:

The top three schools in each of the eight categories will be recognized and receive their school awards in August/September at the Georgia State Capitol. A presentation ceremony will present the school awards and grants for those eligible.

   Grant Opportunity:

The top three schools in each category will also be eligible to win a grant that will be used for their school’s sports, physical fitness, PE classes or other activities, as long as they are related to fitness.

In order for a school to be eligible for this grant opportunity, it must have students participate in at least 50% of the Georgia Games Championship Sporting Events. For the 2015 season, this 50% is at least 18 of the 36 youth specific sporting events.

Also, there is grant money available to be awarded to schools. We anticipate this amount growing in the future.

Points System:

A school cumulates points via the participation of its students through the avenues below:
1) Participation Points - The fact that a students participates in a Georgia Games Championship Event gains the school points.
2) Placement Points - The higher the student places in an event, the higher their placement points. A number of sporting championships have multiple events that can be competed in, such as track, swimming, etc. If a student competes in three events and wins three gold medals, that students will gain 100 points PER medal for their school. The placement points are awarded for all of the participants that finish in a particular event, not just for the top three winners.
3) Sportsmanship Points - Charted demonstrations of sportsmanship will gain bonus points for a student. Additionally, negative points can be obtained for acts contrary to the positive values of sportsmanship, whether they are inside or outside the rules of any particular sport.
4) Geographic Distance Points– The state is broken up into three concentric style regions with the Metro Atlanta area as the center. The farther outside the region, the more geographic participation points are obtained. This is an attempt to level the playing field for schools farther away from Atlanta.
5) Bonus Points – There are additional opportunities to gain bonus points. For this season, the activities listed below are being offered as bonus points:

July 26, 2015 – Quadruple (4 Times) Participation Points Opportunity – Georgia Games 5 Rings of Georgia Run: 10K, 5K Run or Walk and 1 mile.


It is the sole responsibility, and ultimately up to the student and their parents, to make sure that their information is properly AND clearly submitted to the Georgia Games in order to ensure Scholastic Sports Olympiad accuracy. This is a new program that will require modifications as we go forward. The official program rules, and any changes, will be posted on this website. As new programs are implemented, unforeseen or anticipated situations may arise that need to be addressed.

   Olympiad Registration Forms

GHSA Recommendation Letter
Principal Letter
2014 Olympiad Brochure